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Termite Extermination & Prevention

When it comes to termites in the Dallas Fort Worth Area , having a company you can trust is extremely important. Here in the metroplex, we only deal with Eastern Subterranean Termites. We at Texas Pest will always perform a detailed inspection and go over all available treatment options. We only use the best product on the market, Termidor.

Texas Pest Solutions is Termidor Certified. Termidor is Americas #1 Termite Control Solution. Termidor will eliminate any current infestation, but prevent them in the future as well. This not only protects your peace of mind, but adds value to your home as well.

Visit the Termidor Website to get more information on this product.

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Termite extermination Carrollton Tx
Termite extermination Carrollton Tx

Types of Termite Treatments

Conventional Treatment: This type of treatment has been available for more than 50 years, and is recommended on any home in the Dallas Fort Worth area. A conventional treatment seeks to treat all potential areas where subterranean termites may enter a home. It is considered to be the most extensive liquid treatment for termites. Conventional treatment includes treating the soil on both sides of foundation walls, the voids of cinder blocks in foundation walls, and the soil under plumbing penetrations in slabs and bath traps. Drilling is usually required to treat the interior foundation wall, cinder block voids and plumbing penetration areas. The number of treatment areas and the amount of drilling vary based on the home’s construction type.

Exterior Perimeter Plus Localized Interior Treatment (EP/LI): Because most termite attacks come from areas surrounding a home, EP/LI treatments primarily are aimed at treating the soil adjacent to the exterior foundation wall of a home to intercept these attacks. Interior treatments are not required unless there are live termites in interior areas, which usually are detected with a thorough inspection. The result of this targeted treatment is a substantial reduction in the amount of drilling required to control termites.

Spot treatments: Localized spot treatments using Termidor serve as a cost effective way of addressing a minor termite infestation. The success of spot treatments is heavily dependent on the technician’s ability to locate all activity. This can be difficult to determine in areas that are inaccessible, such as behind walls. However, this method is often ideal if it is determined that the termite activity is isolated or confined to a specific detectable and accessible area.

Pre-construction treatments: Treat soil and/or pipe penetrations before a structure is built by either injecting the chemical or broadcast spraying. Once the structure is complete, a trench and treat application is performed around the exterior of the foundation or pier wall. This treatment is not only highl recommended, but in many citys is required. Pricing is based on size of the structure, number of pipe penetrations, and number of trips required.

All services performed by us are 100% guaranteed. Warranties are usually 1 year and can be extended year to year after it expires.

Spending To Much Time Worrying About Termites In Your Home?

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Spending To Much Time Worrying About Pest In Your Home?

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Termite Protection/ Prevention

Having a knowledgeable experienced technician is extremely important when it comes to making sure your home properly inspected.

Termite Monitoring System: Our most common and cost effective service for prevention is our Halo Termite Monitoring System (TMS) program- Monitors are placed in the ground around the exterior perimeter of the structure. These monitors are checked on a quarterly basis and detect termites before they get onto a home. Once termites are detected, a spot treatment is performed to eliminate the colony.

In field trials, Halo Detection has been shown to accurately detect termites with its unique electronic technology. While it does not attract termites, it signals when termites are present in Halo monitoring stations placed around your property. It’s a pesticide-free way to help determine if there is termite activity.

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Termite extermination Carrollton Tx

Termite Baiting: Termite baiting works similarly to monitoring. The difference is , The bait stations do not just detect termites, they eliminate them. Texas Pest Solutions only uses the best baiting system, Advanced Termite System. Many customers choose This system for the following reasons…

• Stations are only installed on the outside of the home — no landscape disruption or invasive drilling to your home’s foundation as required by some products.
• Low impact for the environment, family and pets, as the bait is locked in a secure station with no access by unwanted guests.
• The system eliminates the entire colony or colonies attacking your home.
• You have trained professional visiting your home on a quarterly basis.

Visit www.advancetermitecontrol.com for more information on baiting.

Annual Termite Treatment Warranty: Annual Termite Warranties are offered on houses with minimal conducive conditions and houses we have done termite treatments on. This is the most cost effective way of ensuring if termites do attack your home, you are 100% covered for all treatments.

This service includes an annual termite inspection by a state licensed Technician. At this time any termites detected will be treated/ eliminated. The inspection will also include a detailed diagram showing all conducive conditions (areas more vulnerable to termites), and recommendations on keeping termites off your home.

• This service can also be added on to Pest Control customers for a monthly rate.

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